5-day Pinterest Manager Mini Course by Tarin LaRoux

5-day Pinterest Manager Mini Course

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Will Pinterest managment help me grow my Virtual Assistant business?

Yes! Pinterest managers are in high-demand and businesses are looking for experts.

Can I be a Pinterest manager if I don't have work at home experience?

Yes! A passion for Pinterest is the only requirement!

Can I make a full-time income from Pinterest management?

Yes! This is your business, so you can decide how much you work and when!

I'm a full-time mom, how can I grow a Pinterest manager business?

Since Pinterest management requires a lot of planning ahead, you can work on your own schedule and actually see amazing results for your clients all while your littles are asleep!

Where can I sign up for the full course!?

The Pinning And Winning: Pinterest Strategist Bootcamp is opening back up on July 6th. You can sign up for the waiting list until then!